The aviation industry continually evolves, with changes and updates to guidelines and regulations that ensure safety and standardization.

A recent noteworthy update pertains to ECAC Doc 30 Part I.

The 12th edition of May 2018 introduced two new annexes that further contribute to the industry’s harmonization and compliance.

Annex 5-K: Harmonisation of Call Point Signage – This annex aims to standardize the signage related to call points across various airports, ensuring that the design, symbols, and placement are consistent and easily recognizable by passengers and staff alike.

Annex 5-L: Guidance Material for PRM Inspections – Focusing on Passengers with Reduced Mobility (PRM), this annex provides detailed guidance for conducting PRM inspections. It outlines the methods, criteria, and best practices, promoting effective and uniform inspections across different locations.

These amendments demonstrate a continuous commitment to enhance the efficiency and accessibility of aviation services, particularly for PRM assistance.

For those interested in a comprehensive understanding of these new annexes and other details within the legal framework of aviation, you can find the link under the ‘legal framework’ section on our website.


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