A More Accessible Future With Our PRM Training Courses

We’re committed to breaking down barriers in the passenger transport industry to ensure seamless mobility for Persons with Reduced Mobility (PRMs). Enroll in our courses today and contribute to a more accessible, comfortable, and fair transportation for all.

Upcoming Initial PRM Managers and Trainers training

Join the last available spots for our upcoming initial PRM Managers Training on 30 Sept - 4 Oct 2024 in Fiumicino Airport in Italy OR the initial Train-the-Trainer for PRM assistance agents in Copenhagen on 21 - 25 Oct.

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Why Invest in PRM Training?

Optimizing assistance with growing number of PRM

The global rise in PRMs is impacting transportation operations, and this trend is expected to continue. Investing in PRM training equips staff to handle this growing customer group, ensuring smooth operations and reducing potential service disruptions.

Understand Legal Requirements

Passenger carriers are required by law to train their staff in PRM assistance. Various legislations from the EU, and US focus on the rights and safety of PRMs in transport, with non-compliance leading to significant complaints and claims. Investing in PRM training helps meet legal requirements, reducing risks and promoting responsibility.

Enhance Customer Satisfaction

By raising disability awareness and providing the assistance in such a way that it meets the needs of the PRM to travel carefree, customer satisfaction can be significantly improved. PRM training will enable your team to give the service to achieve excellent customer experience.

Cost-Efficient Service Improvement

PRM training is a cost-efficient method to improve the PRM experience. Compared to the financial and logistical burdens of altering infrastructure or equipment, training provides immediate, high-impact benefits at a fraction of the cost.



Why Learn With Passepartout Training?

Expert-Led Trainings

Benefit from the highest quality of instruction led by industry professionals. All our trainers have multiple years expertise in PRM assistance and training.

After Training Support

After joining in our training, you are granted one-year support for any operational/legislative query you might have concerning PRM service.

Visit And Learn From Others

Experience the practical aspect of your training with visits to various airports. Learn and network with experienced professionals.

Tailored Trainings

We offer a variety of courses tailored to suit different roles within the transport industry, from front-line staff to managerial positions.

Compliance with Legislation

Our courses are designed to ensure your compliance with European, US, and international legislation related to PRM assistance.

Work together with Disability Organisations

We work closely with various disability organizations that provide feedback on our courses. This ensures that our training truly addresses the needs of PRMs.

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About US

Our Story

Passepartout Training was founded with the purpose of addressing the significant lack of quality training for Persons with Reduced Mobility (PRMs) assistance in the transportation industry. After noticing the lack of a unified approach and the urgent need for comprehensive training, we decided to change this. Originating in the UK, Passepartout Training later relocated to France, before finally settling in Belgium. Over the years, we’ve evolved to meet the growing demands for quality PRM training across the world.

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