Train-the-Trainer Disability Awareness

A railway industry specific program specially designed for the trainers of all railway personnel who deal directly with the travelling public.


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Railway travel, with its vast networks and diverse passengers, is a realm where inclusivity becomes paramount. This training is meticulously designed to provide knowledge and insights into the world of Persons with Reduced Mobility (PRMs) within the railway sector. Participants will learn about the unique challenges faced by PRMs, the significance of disability awareness, and practical ways to enhance the travel experience for these individuals, ensuring every journey is comfortable, dignified, and accessible.

By the end of this training, participants will:

  • Acquire a comprehensive understanding of disability awareness
  • Recognize the challenges faced by PRMs in railway stations and aboard trains.
  • Develop skills to assist PRMs effectively, from boarding to alighting and every step in between.
  • Implement best practices to ensure railway stations and train compartments are accessible and user-friendly for PRMs.

      This training is tailored for:

      • Railway management aiming to integrate PRM-friendly practices and provisions.
      • Training personnel in the railway sector who are responsible for equipping staff with customer service skills.

      Certified Achievement

      Receive a certificate after successful completion.


      Course aligned with relevant legal standards.

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      Learn from seasoned industry professionals.

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