PRM Train-the-Trainer Refresher Course

An air transport industry specific program specially designed for the trainers of PRM staff, who has significant practical experience at a senior level in the assistance of persons with disabilities and PRMs in air travel, and who’ve recently joined an initial Train-the-Trainer Course.


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Refresher training of trainers of airport staff is needed on a yearly basis (as mentioned in ECAC DOC 30 Part I, annex 5-G)  

Quality assistance should not only comply with the requirements of above-mentioned legislation, but should in particular meet the needs of all PRMs. The latter is only fully achievable if the PRM trainers are provided with a wellbalanced refresher training of which the topics are fully compliant with the recommendations of ECAC Doc 30 Part I, section 5. 

The participants will be provided with first-hand up-to-date information on legal and best practice documents. There will be a review on how to provide a quality service to the PRM.

The following (non-exhaustive) subjects will be adressed:

  1. Figures and trends

  2. News and updates

  3. Legislation 1107/2006 ECAC Doc 30 and ACAA: reminders and special cases

  4. Disability awareness 

Trainers with a certificate of Train the trainer accordance with the principals of the ECAC, employed by an airport managing body or PRM service provider. 

Certified Achievement

Earn a recognized certificate upon course completion.


Course aligned with relevant legal standards.

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Learn from seasoned industry professionals.

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