Train-the-Trainer PRM Matters for Cabin Crew

Tailored to cabin crew, this course focuses on mastering the art of catering to Persons with Reduced Mobility (PRMs) in-flight. Participants will gain specialized knowledge on PRM needs during air travel and learn effective techniques to train their peers. 


3 days

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The in-flight experience is vital to every passenger’s journey, and for Persons with Reduced Mobility (PRMs), it’s crucial that this experience is both comfortable and dignified. This course is meticulously designed to offer cabin crew members the expertise to understand, cater to, and train their peers in addressing the unique needs of PRMs on board. With a specialized focus on the cabin environment, participants will be equipped with both knowledge and effective training techniques, ensuring every flight is inclusive.

Upon completion of the course, participants will:

  • Understand the specific needs and challenges faced by PRMs in-flight.
  • Learn effective communication and assistance techniques tailored for PRMs.
  • Acquire the tools to train fellow cabin crew members, promoting a consistent and inclusive in-flight service.
  • Understand the rights of PRMs.

        This course is ideal for:

        • Senior cabin crew members or lead flight attendants.
        • Cabin crew trainers aiming to integrate PRM-specific training modules.
        • Airlines striving to enhance their service standards for all passengers, including PRMs.

        Certified Achievement

        Receive a certificate after successful completion.


        Course aligned with relevant legal standards.

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