Target groups:



A Personnel in direct contact with the travelling public at the airport:

  • Check-in and gate staff
  • Security staff
  • Information desk staff
  • General provisions staff: parking, border control and immigration, customs, police staff
  • Ramp staff
  • Staff of concessionaires (restaurants, bars, lounges)

The courses for these groups are train-the-trainer courses – the participants are trainers for their colleagues and will learn what they need to teach with regard to PRMs.


B Personnel providing, or involved in, the provision of assistance to PRMs:

  • Agents of the PRM assistance  provider
  • PRM project manager
  • Airport management personnel

The courses for these groups are face to face courses.


All training courses will end with an examination; if passed successfully a PassePartout Training certificate will be issued (valid for 1 year).

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